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      SUZHOU ICR MACHINERY CO.,LTD.a Sino-Foreign joint venture together with Italian Valve Company, is founded on March,2003. It mainly produces complete ball valves and components of ball valves. The factory of ICR is close to SND in Suzhou and adjoins Hu-Ning expressway. It's only two-hour way from Shanghai seaport and Shanghai Pudong airport. The factory covers an area of ...

    The company has a forging workshop and rough machining workshop and finishing workshop,Have all kinds of sophisticated processing equipment,Such as large power hammer、Large CNC numerical control lathe、Large numerical control drilling machine、Large vertical lathe、Machining center..。According to the process and accuracy of the product,The company has carried on the strict classification to the mechanical processing request,Some key dimensions all adopt advanced numerical control machine tools and machining center。

    1. Quality is the eternal theme of enterprise。

    2. Build a quality system of quality culture, create a charm, the quality of the soul。

    3. Quality is a social obligation, the quality of excellence is the contribution to the society。

    4. Only in the track of the international standard, there is an unlimited extension of space。

    5. Establish core values,And be good at learning,More creative。

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